After two years (gulp) I finally have some more news to post!

My flash story ‘Identification’ will be appearing in Abyss & Apex in July 2023.

(I really hope that will not be my next post!)


A slightly belated post, but Drabbledark: An anthology of dark drabbles has recently come out, and it has two of my drabbles in it, ‘Blood Rain’ and ‘The Woods Behind the House’.

A drabble is only 100 words so the perfect size for people who only have a little bit of time to read something ๐Ÿ˜‰

It can be read on Kindle Unlimited, if that’s your thing, or bought as an ebook or paperback here (if you are Australian, maybe try here).

Watercress Soup

Andromeda Spaceways Issue #65 is out now, and my story ‘Watercress Soup’ is in it!

All I can think of to say about the story is there’s a confused oven in it so perhaps the the blurb should speak for me: “The beauty of โ€œWatercress Soupโ€ is in the gentle, compassionate response when things go wrong.”

Year’s Best

I looked carefully to see what I’d missed while I was away but not carefully enough it seems.

The Year’s Best has been released by Twelfth Planet Press and can be seen/bought here.

Enjoy the pretty cover and amazing authors in the book!